How to share your screen to help solve an issue

One way to figure out a technical issue to to call us and schedule a time where we share your screen. This way, we see exactly what you see when you have an issue. You get to tell us exactly what's going while we watch.

That's a great way for us to understand you.

We'll listen, take down notes in a new ticket, and try to solve your problem. If we cannot solve it right in our online meeting, we'll work the ticket and email you back with a solution.

We use for online meetings. It makes sharing your screen and talking a snap. We don't need video. Talking via voice (like a phone) and seeing your screen is enough.

If we think screen sharing will help, we'll send you a link and a date/time to meet. If you don't want to share screens, tell us and we'll honor your request. Do keep in mind that it's a great way to get things fixed.  All it takes is a regular web browser and a bit of your time.

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