How to take a screenshot

Taking one or several screenshots is very (very, very) helpful when reporting a problem. As customer care people, we are so grateful when a customer attaches screenshots. It allows us to see what the customer saw.

How you take a screenshot depends on what device you are using. Since there are many devices, we think it's best to give you search terms to help you find the right way to take a snap with your device:

Another way to search is Google "screenshot on [name of your device]" or "screenshot on [name of your operating system]". Make sure to fill in between the brackets your search term.

For Windows, a good, free tool is Jing. It will take screenshots and record video. Plus, you can share it via a link to make it easy.

You may always email the screenshot to If you write the details in another email, we'll merge your screenshots into your main ticket (to make it easy for you).

If this seems to complicated and you are using a desktop device, then another option is to call us and we'll share your screen to see exactly what you see. Then, you walk us through your issue while we take screenshots and add notes into a new ticket.

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