Cancel a subscription

Send an email to with the subject "Cancel my subscription". Make sure to send the email from the address you used to sign up so we may match your request to your subscription.

We will honor a cancel request as of the date/time the email is received.

If your cancellation is within our guarantee rules, then we will refund one month's subscription amount using the same payment method you used.

Remember that you are bound by our Terms and Conditions.

You must cancel within our offer period to receive money back. Once you are outside of the cancel period, you may cancel anytime and you will be charged through the end of your billing period.

Subscription Hold

We do not offer holds on subscriptions. If you want to pause your subscription, we suggest you cancel close to the end of your billing cycle. You may sign up again when you desire to resume.

Pro-rated Fees

We do not offer pro-rated cancellations. If you cancel after our guarantee, we bill through the end of your billing cycle. This prevents back-and-forth discussion about what will be cancelled and when. The billing cycle provides a clear date to use.

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