How to report a problem or bug

When it comes to technical issues, getting information from the requester (you) is very important. With detailed information, we are much more likely to be able to help.

Otherwise, we'll pass emails back-and-forth until we gather enough to understand. That slows down the process.

We want to solve your issues quickly. So, let's look at the three parts to a solid problem report:

  1. Steps to reproduce,
  2. What you expected to see, and
  3. What you saw instead.

1. Steps to Reproduce the Issue

The steps to reproduce tell us what you did. We will try to re-create your issue -- if possible. Write down each thing you did all the way up to the issue. This gives us perspective to see things the way you saw them.

Remember, we weren't right there when this happened. We need you to describe it to us.

Very helpful information includes:

  • The web address (URL) of the page where issue occurred
  • The type of device you are using (such as a phone, tablet, Chromebook, desktop, etc)
  • The name and model of the device you are using (such as Apple iPhone 6, HP laptop, etc)
  • The operating system you are using (such as Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, etc)
  • The name of the web browser you are using (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • The version number of the web browser you are using

2. What You Expected to See

We want to understand why this is a bug. When you tell us what you expected to see, we can understand what you thought was the correct behavior. That is very helpful!

3. What You Saw Instead

What you saw helps us understand what really happened. If you are able to take one or more screen snaps of the issue, wonderful! Attach the screen snaps to the email. If you know how to create a video, send us a link to it and we'll watch along as you narrate the details.

We want to help you. With bugs and problems, we need you to help us in order for us to help you. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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